The main winter attraction is the newly opened Plešivec ski resort which spans over several mutually interconnected downhill slopes. Skiers can choose from three brand new four-person chairlifts, a ski lift and quality catering and sanitation services. The resort offers slopes of all difficulty levels, from blue-level routes to ‘the Plešivec Hannenkam’, or the black-level route. For more information read

More Alpine skiing facilities can be enjoyed only three kilometers away in the town of Pernink where several short ski slopes with ski trails are operated, or in a highly popular skiing resort in Potůčky: which is a 15 minutes’ drive away. Those who do not mind exploring farther skiing resorts are advised to visit Klínovec (Czech Republic) or Oberwiesenthal (Germany).

Cross-country skiers will definitely love the complex system of cross-country trails stretching tens of kilometers away and starting directly in Abertamy. Information about their maintenance and skiing conditions can be found atwww.// The profile of the Krušne Mountains range near Abertamy is ideal for cross-country skiing as the local plateau with mild uphill and downhill terrains make this activity the most pleasant pastime for seasoned athletes as well as for amateur enthusiasts.

Very nice cross-country routes are also in the neighboring Germany, namely in v Oberwiesenthal: or in Johanngeorgenstadt which features, among others, a beautiful trail stretching across the ridge:  Both these German resorts are situated less them 20 km from Abertamy.